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Sidney Barnes Weekender at The Royal Court Hotel: A Night to Remember

Hey there, Northern Soul family! Wow! What an incredible weekend we had in Coventry at The Royal Court Hotel the other week! If you were there, you will know just how special it was. For those who missed it, let us fill you in... The incredible Sidney Barnes, our beloved Northern Soul legend and good friend, flew in direct from the USA to perform along with us. We are so privileged to have had the chance to perform with him again! We genuinely hope each of you had an amazing time, and for those who got to chat with Sidney and ask him questions at the Q&A, wasn’t that something?! And oh, those vinyl DJs! Big shoutout to them for taking us on a nostalgic ride through some classic Northern Soul gems. The room was alive with laughing, dancing and great memories being made. Now, here’s the cherry on top: We, The Signatures, unveiled our latest single, a heartfelt cover of Sidney’s unforgettable hit, "I Hurt on the Other Side." Which was recorded live at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios. It was pure magic getting the opportunity to perform the song along with Sidney on the night! We're so grateful he loved our modern touch to his timeless classic. It just goes to show, that music truly does bridge generations! You can listen listen to It here - From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making the weekender so memorable. Your spirit, your energy, and your love for Northern Soul keeps our passion burning bright. We've got more in store for you, so keep those dancing shoes ready for 2024! You can check out next years tour dates here - Big love and thank you for being part of this amazing ride! Until next time... 💃🎶🕺 Special thanks to our Vinyl DJ’s who joined us - Bernie Gackowski, Amy Hodkin, Carlo Didcott, Chris Hare (from Satellite Soul Cub and Harbour Radio), Mats & Fannie (from Majorca) and Trevor Shave.

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